Disney recently put up for sale tickets for its new “Toy Story 3” show on Facebook. Facebook users are given the chance to purchase tickets for the show and invite their friend using their Facebook accounts. This was through a third party application embedded on the Facebook site. Facebook allows users to embed third party applications on their pages. These applications are not hosted by Facebook, but on other servers chosen by the users.

Facebook provides an applications programmer interface (API) which is used in developing applications for the Facebook interface, using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests. The HTTP has two methods called the POST and GET, which retrieves information and posts user profile information to the Facebook site respectively. So users using the Disney application to purchase tickets for the Toy Story 3 will allow this application to have access to their user profile information like location, age, gender and so on. This has been a recent source of criticism of Facebook as many people argue that, user’s privacy is not well protected.

Payment for the tickets is through online payment systems like Paypal. Though this is the first of its kind, Disney says a lot more people are buying the tickets from Facebook than from other outlet sources. Though it took Disney sometime and resources to come up with the application, their efforts are paying off, as they stand to sell more tickets with the application than without it.

Facebook is said not to be getting any percentage of the ticket sales, but this translates into increased number of subscribers.  More people have signed on to Facebook just to purchase the Disney tickets.

Facebook has taken the lead in social networking, bringing to users unimaginable products and applications. Facebook is the best description that can be used to explain social networking to a lay person since that is the most common social networking site. Apart from connecting with friends and family, Facebook users can create and invite friends to events, advertise their brands and the latest in the innovation is offer goods for sale.

Facebook was originally created for college students to connect with each other and share ideas on their projects and studies. It has however grown beyond the imagination of the creators. Facebook is now the single largest social networking site with over 400 million active users worldwide. It however retained its original purpose of giving people the opportunity to share ideas but has added more.

In order to have access to Facebook, one must create an account into which he can log in. This account creates a page for the user. The user can add photos, videos, search for friends and chat with friends live. Users are able to like or comment on their friends’ status, photos or bookmarked resources. Users are also sent notification e-mails when someone comments on their status, photo or bookmarked item.  Users also have the chance to create pages for their businesses and services and also advertise.

Facebook is an effective marketing and sales tool, if well utilized.