Facebook makes use of the Page Data Tool to count the number of fans that are added daily and monthly to Facebook Pages. This week it has been found that FIFA World Cup Soccer and Toy Story have made a place in Facebook’s Top 20 pages. Christiano Ronaldo, Portugal’s player took up the number 3 place on the list accumulating 359,000 fans. Currently he has about 4.7 million fans. After the draw match against the Ivory Coast, his page experienced a jump of 127,400 fans. The Sports on Facebook Page occupied the eleventh place adding 260,000 users to 1.7 million. This intensification could have taken place due to the World Cup only.

Toy Story Release

Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” was engaged in the ninth place. Since the company has granted the sales of ticket directly on Facebook the film has been promoted. Toy Story Page added 263,000 fans and thus it has a total of 1.2 million fans now. Toy Story is an American computer animated family film. It was the first film made by Disney / Pixar. Also, it was the first film made exclusively with CGI. John Lasseter directed the film. Walt Disney Pictures distributed the film. It was written by Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Alec Sokolow, Joss Whedon and Joel Cohen. In Toy Story, every time humans are not there, an assemblage of toys will be given life.

Toy Story was produced with a budget of $30 million. About $20 million was spent on advertising. About 110 persons took part in its production. Lasseter has told that he had to face a lot challenges in the computer animation since every leaf and blade of grass had to be fashioned. About 27 animators used 400 computer models to animate the characters. Woody is the pull-string cowboy doll in Toy Story. It required about 723 motion controls. About 212 controls were needed for his face and 58 for his mouth. In order to sync the actor’s voices with the characters, for an 8-second frame about one week had been spent.

Overall popularity

After the release of Toy Story, in the first week itself it earned $191 million in Canada and in the United States. Globally it earned more than $361 million. Many people praised the technological novelty of the animation as well as the superiority of the screenplay. Toy Story toys, video games were also developed. Because of its historically, culturally or aesthetically significant features, it was chosen into the National Film Registry in 2005. Toy Story 2 became more popular than Toy Story.

Toy Story 3, the 3D computer animated film was released on June 18, 2010. It is the final version in Toy Story Series. Toy Story characters occupy a special place in the heart of the audiences. Absolutely there is no surprise in viewing Disney Pixar’s page inhabiting the 7th place and Toy Story page occupying the 9th place in this Week’s Facebook’s Top 20 Pages.