Have you been looking for ways through which you can get a better grip over your personal finances? Want to know how much cash you can afford to spend today, this week or this month?  There’s no doubt about it that managing your personal finance is a complex job and not everyone has the expertise to efficient manage it, and this is where we get stuck. However, with apps such as the Level Money app to simplify your financial management, there isn’t a need to worry anymore.

Level Money – an iOS app

Level Money is an iOS app that has been created by a nine-member San Francisco team. This app has been launched to make it easier for people who face difficulties in managing their expenditure. This app is certainly a good way to keep a track of how much and where you are spending.

“The idea behind Level is to target younger consumers who are increasingly accustomed to making payments digitally (and, in the case of Uber, swipe-free) and may have a tougher time keeping track of their spending trail,” said Jake Fuentes, co-founder and CEO of Level.

Since, there is no web-based version of Level Money everything is calculated through a mobile phone. Indeed, for now, it is only compatible with the iPhone as the work on the Android version is still in process. The look of this app is really simple with only some bubbles of data.

How does Level Money Work?

As mentioned above, Level Money is specifically designed to analyze and calculate your total income including regular bills and savings per month. As per this calculation, it calculates your spending capacity for each day, week and month. It also regularly updates whatever you have spent so that it can add it to its records.

Level Money is surely a finance app, but with a difference. How? It doesn’t require users to manually fill up their expenses; instead it makes use of the Intuit platform to get an easy access to their checks, savings and credits.

In simpler words, with Level Money, you don’t even need to categorize your spending as it is a second’s job for this app. And since, it’s in sync with your bank accounts, every purchase, transfer, and payment that you make is automatically calculated and displayed within the app.

So, don’t you think the Level Money app will surely make your budgeting and spending as easy and painless as it has never been? Sure, it will. How about checking it out today?