Here’s some good news for all you “tweeples”. You have enough reasons to Tweet your heart out since the all new avatar of Twitter is bound to sway you off your feet. There is an array of new features with an exciting interface that has been added to as well as Tweet Deck, mobile apps for Android and iPhone. All of these are expected to make the user experience much simpler.

The micro-blogging platform has undergone major changes to attract more and more users and to keep the existing users more engaged. “One main thrust here is making Twitter more accessible for all 7 billion people on the planet” said Jack Dorsey, Twitter chairman, during a press conference.

The new features added are:

• Three new buttons have been introduced. Home, @Connect (to show who mentioned you and some account following suggestions) and #Discover (to show the current trends and take you to notable stories and videos)

• The homepage has also been revamped since the tweets now appear on the right side

• With the new news feed option, you can view the conversation as well as other media in the sidebar on the left

• To make it appear more social-media friendly, Twitter has also made the profiles look like those of Facebook and Google+

These new features focus more on the social sphere, which clearly reveals the fact that Twitter is posing a direct competition to Facebook, declaring openly that it is no lesser an opponent. Dorsey also said that the interface has been made simpler not only for those who are already engaged but also for new users so that they can discover it and find value in it.