Email marketing is a common way for e-commerce sites, through this marketing it can stay in front of customers. And your purpose will be solved by Twitter. Twitter is a rich source of information, and twitter basically serve the updated information, that’s why it’s very easy to stay updated on an incredibly wide variety of topics.

If you want to send a newsletter to anyone with an email account, then those people who embrace Twitter then they already get the Internet. Now, If anyone want to follow you, then they’re already a “qualified” prospect or a loyal repeat customer (and marketing studies say time and time again which costs more money to get new customers than it does to keep existing ones).

More information

Marketers are very open mind about using Twitter’s which one just launched Early Bird Exclusive Offers e-commerce service. Twitter introduced the service July 6 which one is its first step into online retail.

The marketing program, which creates an additional revenue stream for the social site, and this will allow Twitter and select the advertisers to promote time- and supply-sensitive deals on products and events, like, concert tickets. If Twitter users want to subscribe to @earlybird, then they will see the offers in their feeds, and the links will lead them to the point of purchase after a few clicks.

The senior director of brand marketing and business development for online shoe store said that, their company’s flagship brand likely wouldn’t utilize @earlybird. And they also said that they utilize Twitter as a means to form personal connections and interact with their customers and employees very easily. This is not use for offering discounts or deals. But some companies are already using Twitter to offer discounts taking advantage of the service. And it will be very interesting for other sites and other retailers, that twitters are price sensitive. Twitter service will be use to generate revenue through agreements with advertisers.

On behalf of a company Twittering including ecommerce websites can make a lot of sense, and which can be done without the openness that one might assume.

At First you have to know the exact meaning of Twittering, basically twitting is post of a miniature blog which is restricted to 140 characters. The act of this Twittering is nothing but a process of posting (quickly and easily) these petite, text-only blog entries.

The significance and value of this Twitting lies in the same marketing tributary as regular blogs; if you’re good at it then you’ll build a community of followers who want to read your stuff. And these readers have to follow you, likely share your interests.

Customer Service

Just like online businesses, Twitter is also respond to the customer questions and to announce special deals. Some companies uses Twitter as a countdown to tax days, but Southwest Airlines uses it as a customer service vehicle.

Consider some angles for ecommerce business:

* It is important for Adding brand personality to your not-so-personable sales site.
* It helps to Feedback on products or services.
* It can manage online reputation (putting out fires and augmenting gold stars).
* It Announcing sales, specials, and deals.
* It can create micro press releases.
* Create cast nets for potential partners.