Twitter is the best form of social media. Many people use twitter for business development.
Twitter is one of the effective social networking where you can send your updates which are known as tweets. Twitter user are connected each other from various places and share there interest. Most of the business uses twitter to get the instant updates from their clients to provide the services in efficient ways.

Twitter has released its stats which indicate that more then 60% user that are connected to twitter are outside US. Moreover international expansion is dramatically increases to overcome this problem twitter are launching its services in different languages to fulfill the requirement.

In October 2009, Twitter declared it would be publishing versions of the site in various languages and called for volunteers to assist with the translation procedure.
Twitter is now available in different languages to provide its services outside U.S because large number of account belongs to outside U.S.
Twitter offered different tools that are helpful to understand the concept of micro-blogging. Twitter also supports multi language application to integrate in tweet that makes it more effective.

Twitter based Activities for language and culture:

The most effective way to get the maximum benefits from the twitter is to follows the French news feeds. As the French media is not well know in US but the news, news tweets are prominent in French media. So it is very common to follows the important information vi headline tweets.

To search usernames that related to new organization can be challenging. Twitter displays them in public time line which would appear as “featured tweets”. If you want to search out the organization name in the “find and invite” then it will bring you the result that you want. If you want to find out the accurate result you can select the topic which you want to search that are usually listed below the twitter tools. The most common way to search the result in other languages is to navigate[username] and then follow the tweets in any of the French news feed but be careful in searching the username could be case sensitive.