Twitcal is the new application of Google and Twitter. It uses the Google calendar applications. This could be a fascinating force of unity of a popular search engine and a social networking website. This twitcal is the new service offered to iPad and iPhone touch as well as other website applications.

TwitCal for iPhone and iPad

This twitcal has almost served the people 5 months already. This was originally launched in Japan by Infoteria last March. Then after a long process, nearly 4 months, the application twitcal was released in United States. The service is made enjoyable because of its interface with the latest gadgets like iPad and iPhone touch. It is easy to see the calendar. In iPad and in iPhone touch, twitcal can serve as an online calendar. A person may view its calendar and the, to do list just in the nick of time!  What makes this a good gadget? It combines images, to do list and much more as if you have a manual calendar. The only difference is that it is found on a website and on Apple applications.

Twitter and TwitCal

If a person is a certified Twitter member, Twitcal is easy in one, two and three steps. It is by tweeting the calendar events that one follows you on twitter. The followers can be notified by the changes you made by clicking the tweet once on the chosen day of the event and the message afterwards. They can also get the event if they are interested and place it on their twitcal calendar. If you are still not familiar with the steps, then try to open your own twitter account and find the twitcal application. Click the tweet portion with information of the event you want to be noticed. The date is important and you may use slashes for separating the day, month and the year. You may also use them in various orders like 1st, 2nd and so forth.

To view this, use your username and look to The added date or calendar entry will be shown there. Of course, like any other social networking websites, twitcal can reveal your important dates and events to others. Note that there is no privacy on your twitcal account. Anyone can see this and so if you are planning to add very private event, it is shared to all and you should avoid including it.

The only place where you cannot use twitcal is when you go to a privacy account on twitter. Twitcal can only be shown if the account is not on privacy mode. The application costs $3 when you download it on iTunes and place it to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Like any other gadget, there are still some applications that need to go beyond its limit to cope up with the development of technology. Twitcal is one of those.

So, if you are on the go and important events need to be listed, why not try the twitcal application on twitter or just simply download it as twitcal. It can help you and your events to be more organized.