Web technologies have given a new twist to information delivery in recent years. 21st Century web technologies (web 2.0 technologies) are now a great way to deliver news, announcements and other information faster, easier and more cost effectively. Many companies and individuals are using these web technologies such as Twitter to disseminate information quickly.

The Fruit Center Marketplace in East Milton Square announced its receipt of stock of bottled spring water via Twitter. The statement stated them of having received an entire shipment of spring water at the Milton Location. Jonathan Schwartz, former Chief Executive of Sun Microsystems announced his resignation on Twitter. These are just two out of thousands of instances where people use Twitter to make announcements. It is amazing to know how quickly these announcements and information are accessed by people, in fact they are accessed the very second they are posted.

The Fruit Center Marketplace decided to take advantage of all the goodies Twitter has to offer to improve its marketing strategy, and they got results. A lot of people who got the information, trooped to the shop to get a bottle or more of the spring water.

Apart from being used to share information, Twitter is also a great tool for searching information on the internet. The Twitter interface has a search box where one can type any search keyword. It also has an advanced search facility. More excitingly, Twitter messages can be sent and received by SMS. People might have even received the Fruit Center’s announcement as SMS on their mobile phones!

Twitter messages (tweets) can also be sent and received on other social networking sites like Facebook. Twitter accounts can be configured with a Facebook account so that a status update in Twitter reflects in the Facebook account and vice versa.

Twitter also has these great and exciting applications that make tweeting even greater. Tweetcall works as a voice recognition system which takes calls from a phone to 1-877-TWEETCALL. The words spoken during the call are changed into text and posted as tweets on the user’s account. TweetBeep also does a good job of alerting you via e-mail when it finds a tweet on a search word recently used by the user.

OutTwit is a Twitter application which is supported by Microsoft Outlook. Tweets can be sent and read using Outlook. Tweets can also be saved, grouped and searched through just like e-mails in Outlook. Spreadtweet is great for office use. It is a desktop application that looks like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and collects many tweets into a small space. It allows the user to tweet without raising any suspicion in the office.

There are also other Twitter applications for mobile phones; TwitterBerry for BlackBerry phones, Twidroid for G1 Android phones and Tweetie for iPhones.

Twitter pages are refreshed every now and then, so new tweets are automatically loaded to pages without the user having to refresh the page. This has made it possible for the information that was posted on Twitter as a Tweet, being disseminated to other people in no time at all. This can be further used by you to expand your business or tell the public about the specialties that you have to offer.