There is an immense amount of increase in the number of people using Twitter these days. Eventually the number of searches on twitter has gone up excessively as opposed to Google.  The increase is attributed to the fact that a large number of people are beginning to use Twitter as a medium of communication, interaction, discussion, thought exchange and even marketing.

Twitter, as most of us know is one of the most famous social networking and blogging websites. It helps you to stay connected to your family and friends using Tweets. With the help of this service you can send and receive messages on Twitter. Tweets are basically 140 characters text based messages that are displayed on the user’s profile page. These are publically visible to all Twitter users by default, but the blogger can customize the settings and make them visible only to his friends. You can also subscribe to the Tweets posted by other people. This is known as following and the people who subscribe are referred to as followers. As a recent phenomenon, instead of following a single author, users can follow a list of authors. All the Twitter users can send and receive blogs and Tweets via the Twitter website, compatible external applications or by SMS which may be available in certain countries. Most of the people make use of searches to locate the Twitter website for socializing and blogging.

The role of Twitter is continuously being created by its’ users. Ever since it was instigated, this service has evolved from SMS blogging to information network. Nowadays, Twitter is gaining much importance in spreading the latest news across to the people. An evidence of this is the increasing number of searches that are done on this website. It has been found that about 700 million searches are done everyday which is in fact a huge number. At Aspen Ideas festival, the cofounder of Twitter Biz Stone proclaimed that the website is having about 23 billion additional queries in a month. To get it into the right perspective, you need to find how much of them are put on Bing and Yahoo together. This is now being compared with what Google searches.

The remarkable thing is that the Twitter searches are on a rise and have noticed a very concrete growth. In the last swank about the search, at the Twitter Chirp developer conference in April, it got approximately 600 million searches daily which constitute a 33% growth in just few months. Though, you must take note of the fact that the comparison between the Google searches to the Twitter searches is not an easy task. People use these search engines in a different manner and a few of them categorize them separately. Most of the people search for things using Google by entering the desired keywords in the Google search bar. On the other hand, Twitter searches mainly take place through the APIs and are limited to the website. Gone are the times when Twitter’s search feature was considered as a weak spot on the Twitter website. Most of the mobile and desktop applications users make the maximum number of Twitter searches because this application helps the users to have frequently running, passive searches that refreshes every second