Social media has come a long way from what it used to be a decade back. Several websites like Twitter, Facebook and Orkut are getting increasingly popular every day.  Twitter, one of the social networking sites, is a social media service which enables its users to read and send other people’s messages posted on their profile pages. These messages are called tweets. By default, these tweets are publicly visible. Ever since Twitter was created in 2006, it has gained tremendous popularity and now has more than 100 million users throughout the world.

The latest news regarding Twitter was on September 14, when its co-founder Evan Williams revealed some very fascinating statistics about the microblogging network. According to him, Twitter is now experiencing an average of 90 million tweets per day. This is a substantial increase from even few months ago. According to a statistical data from Pingdom, the average number of tweets per day was about 27.3 million in November 2009. Now the latest average is more than 3 times of what it used to be. This year, traffic to twitter has grown about 100%. On matters related to privacy, Williams revealed further statistics which showed that almost 90% of the Tweets are available to the public, out of which 25% contain links. Last week, Williams had written in a blog post that Twitter now had more than 145 million registered users with almost 300,000 registered applications in the Twitter ecosystem.

What the numbers further showed was that the average of 90 million contained tweets from as well as clients. Williams had also said that the number of Twitter users on mobile devices has increased by almost 250% since the beginning of the year. Also, 16% of the new mobile phone users are starting to use Twitter on their devices and there is an average of almost 370,000 new sign-ups per day.

With so much noise about Twitter everywhere while it continues to gather more and more users, one wonders what the big deal is. There’s no doubt that it offers several advantages to many Companies who are starting to use the social networking site to track the general feedback of the people. Also, getting real news has become faster thanks to the several people involved with different fields. It also helps to put an end to all rumors with the facts coming out of the horse’s mouth. It gives a platform to people to air their views and being aware of the happenings around them.

However, at the same time, it often results in lack of productivity work hours as many people continue to use it at their workplace. Social media like this has become the most important pastime for most of the youngsters today, who have begun to neglect other activities for their development. Using it occasionally is fine, but as they say, excess of everything is bad.