Cyber criminals are everywhere on the internet and this is a well known fact. These criminals try to use the data of the people for their own use and the method that they use for doing this is very innovative. The phishing as it is called is done by these cyber criminals as they know that many of the users of social networks use many personal details on these networks.

Twitter Affected

Twitter and Facebook are the two most commonly affected social networks where the cyber criminals are very active. They make sure that they hit their target in innovative methods. One of the common methods that are used by cyber criminals is to pose as women. They create unique identification addresses for themselves and they try to woo the males on the networking site to their own profiles. When the unsuspecting men pass on personal details, they are used for various criminal activities.

Some of the Cyber criminals create impersonation frauds and there are other criminals who use the information collected to siphon off money from the accounts of these men to their own accounts. This is a huge ring that is being operated by gangs and they make quite a lot of money from these attacks.

Google’s Role

Recently Google started making inroads into these activities of the cyber criminals and started identifying the various fake accounts. Google is able to do this because it is finding a project that identifies the fake people who are spammers and then it helps to isolate them and their accounts. The researchers who are involved in identifying the fake accounts and neutralizing them are themselves creating accounts and these accounts help to catch the cyber criminals in the act.

Though the whole action is on the Twitter site, which is considered to be a major competition for Google, the funding for this is from none other than Google itself. This is mainly because it is a research grant that it has funding from Google. The spammers are attracted to the accounts of the researchers and then they are identified. Though many people may be surprised at the fact that Google is supporting and funding an operation that will help to clean up the site of one of its rivals, this phenomenon is not a new one. In fact, Google has supported and funded many similar projects and some of the most interesting research funding by Google includes the research into the text processing book and also many other similar research into computer sciences.

Though the funding is from Google, no one is unhappy because the spammers have been making life miserable for everyone as they waste a lot of precious time. Other than this, the spammers have also been able to swindle a lot of money through various methods online. This has made it a priority to rid the internet of them. Realistically speaking, it may not be able to completely get rid of them, but the fact that Google supported research is able to get rid of spammers on social networking sites like Twitter is great news for the millions of people who use these networks.