Twitter is considered to be a fad in the social media networking world. Like Facebook, it has millions of users all over the world who are registered to make use of its services. Twitter is most famous with its follow and be followed way of having friends in the network. If you feel like being one of the personalities on Twitter, you may do so by having as many followers as you like. This would depend on you if you are famous or friendly enough. Twitter has its own user suggested list for users to choose to follow or not. This is one of the free services of the site in an attempt to raise the number of followers of some of the users interested to do so. But this “service” is often neglected by the users. Some would even regard it as a nuisance which makes it not enough to elevate the user’s number of followers. And now, Twitter has found a way to really increase followers’ number. If you are interested and you could pay off some money for it then you could do so. Wondering how this could be possible?

Twitter’s New Business Plan

Twitter is now thinking of helping people boost their accounts through generating followers to their accounts. And no, this is not a bluff or what. But if you are wondering on how Twitter could generate followers for you, well this is easy. Twitter will not force people’s accounts to be your followers, on the other hand the social media networking website will instead promote your account in the website to attract probable followers for your account.

But this plan is said to be still ongoing. Reports have been provided saying that Twitter people are still brainstorming on what to do and how to do the process and arrangement. Discussions are still needed to be made in order to draw a line between promotion on the accounts and the business commercials that the website is having. Drawing a line means having to negotiate on what and where to place the ads and promotions and the like.

Twitter Promotion Details

Since the plan is still in the meeting room of the Twitter authorities, there are still very few details on the plan. The plan will help users boost the number of followers that their account has. The promotion is still vague since some are saying that it would be more like a usual ad in the website while some are saying that the users subscribed to the service would have their accounts highlighted. Another issue that is yet to be discussed is the fee that will be required. Will it be based on the number of followers that will be generated or the exposure that the account would have?

Twitter is said to be doing this to compete with third party generators who are offering the service. It would be advantageous with the company considering that extra earnings will be granted. But what will be the difference of this to other networks offering the same thing? Let’s wait and find out.