There are various sporting events that are going on in the world these days. The people who are on the Internet are usually in great love with these major sporting events. Look at the trending topics of Twitter. The results of that were all related to world cup except one which is the lyric of the Drake track called Fancy. If there is anything which can break the international sports forever, it could be Drake.

Internet’s love for sports

The Internet has great love for the sports. In fact the love is so much that few of the records were also broken during the previous week. On Thursday around the noon EST, during the world cup matches of the daytime and at the end of the incredible 11 hour match of Mahut-Isner at Wimbledon, 21 million of the Internet visitors per minute had been counted by Akamai. This has blown away all of the previous records that were on 12 million of the Internet visitors per minute. The new records were set on the first day of the world cup.

Highest counts recorded for twitter

It has been announced by Twitter on Friday that this kind of traffic has brought the counts greater than the previous ones and are the highest of all. On Thursday night, at the end of the soccer game between Japan and Denmark, there was 3,283 of the tweets in one second, which banged the records of the previous week that were recorded at the end of the Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals. The count at that time was 3,085. As a consequence of this during the previous week, it had to experience some of the significant downtime. In spite of four years on the job, Twitter is not ready for getting this kind of the international traffic. At some point, probably four years later, you would be able to say that a company which calls itself as the best way for sharing as well as discovering what is happening currently would be ready for having the best times when the big things would happen.

Problems for Twitter

The huge traffic on the web site could be one of the biggest problems for Twitter in the coming years. It can also be as honest as possible but the thing which should be considered by people is that whether this problem is going to be sorted ever or not. Till now during the month of June in 2010, Twitter has been down for a time period of almost 10 hours and the site is also at its slowest since the month of August in 2007. One would think that it has tried to anticipate the world cup traffic and did not try to do the deep maintenance in the biggest months yet. The blog of the company is also very cautious about the fact that why the company is not ready. The poor performance for an Internet property and that too by Twitter is something really shocking and this is not what people demand from a social network like Twitter.