A twitter, a popular block, has made a landmark in the history of blog culture. Now it has announced to cut the third party’s Ad from the blog. Developers are criticising the decision. They have lodged their resonance through many forums. They have put their resources to develop the App throughout the years. They try to remind the policy makers about their contribution. According to the critics it is a trust breaking and heartbreaking action.

Twitters view is different. They do not deny developers’ role in making the twitter popular. But, there is no question of alienating developers. For developers are not their people. They work there for their own interest or other companies. Despite it they knew some information about twitters roadmap and future plans. Twitter says that two reasons led them to band the third party’s developers. First third party Ad networks are not necessarily looking to preserve ‘the unique user’s experience’, twitter has created. Second, the basis for building and lasting advertising networks that benefits users should be innovation, not near-term monetization.   Whatever reason there may be- may be they want to turnover much return from advertisement or twitters own advertisement offering ’promoted twit’  does not want to face competition within the strength from any other competitors- their aim is to make twitter much professional and much effective. It is obvious no one leaves the chance to earn more if there is option. That is the reason third party developers have become annoyed, there business will be hampered after earning lots of money from this blog.

Though decision will  be applicable to those that is not paid-for -tweets into user stream, those who make twitter clients Ad, twitter serve services allowed to show Ads until those Ads are places ‘around’ the twitter stream. It means there is much option to show the Ads in the twitter blog.

Therefore all are business centred affairs happening in the twitter. Business runs following a mutual understanding between service providers and clients. When transaction is being performed throw online internet all the formalities of business should be adopted gradually for a long term relationship. Professionalism is also welcome for smooth conduct. Twitter may be pioneer to show the path to other search engines like yahoo being and so on.