It seems that being no.1 is not just enough for Gmail. Gmail has added two new cool features recently. Gmail users can now drag and drop attachments and send calendar invites. Now Gmail competitors have to really work hard to beat Gmail’s propensity for churning out innovation after innovation.

Drag and drop your attachments
This drag and drop options is pretty easy to use. From your computer’s file explorer, you can select a file and drag the file to your email browser. A green box will appear indicating the right spot where you can drag your attachments. Drag the file to that spot and release the button and you’re attachments are there. Talk about a breezy way to attach files.
Although this feature is only currently available to Firefox 3.6 and Chrome users, Gmail promises that this feature will be supported soon in other browsers. This feature is fully supported by web browsers running under HTML5.

Send Calendar Invites
Tired of missing all those opportunities to hang out with your loved ones and friends? Gmail offers a way for its users to synchronize their calendars with their friends and buddies. Under the Subject field, a new link will appear for inviting friends to share their calendar with you. Once clicked, another dialog box will appear for you to put more details about the invite. It also allows you to ask permission to view your buddies’ calendars. The invitation will be shown on the body of your message. After it is sent, Gmail automatically adds the set schedule on your calendar.

These new handy features are always welcome to today’s fast paced lifestyle with many users constantly veering towards software innovations that will help them manage their schedules. With the online community turning more global by the minute, Gmail’s improvements to adjust to an always-on-the-go market deserves first-rate thumbs up.