This amazing typewriter makes your typing special and artistic by adding colors to it.

Most of you must have not used a typewriter, as this is the age of technology with end number of gadgets and electronics that make your work very easy and error-free. But there are some people, the antique-lovers, who still like using old-fashioned things, in this case, typewriters.

But what if a typewriter is mixed with high creativity and myriad colors?

Tyree Callahan, a photographer, painter and now a typewriter lover, has done something of this sort. He has taken his creativity skills to a new level and come up with Chromatic Typewriter, which is a combination of modern art and wonderful colors. Chromatic Typewriter is made using Underwood Standard, a kind of typewriter.

If you look at the picture, you will see colored sponge-like material fixed on the type bars. These are actually small pads that are soaked in paint. Imagine the look of work when you will type using the Chromatic Typewriter. It will be colorful, wonderful, enticing, something that will catch hold the attention of the reader, especially if you are writing a poetic stuff or something with an artistic taste in it.

Callahan, who is based in Bellingham, Washington, says, “I’m constantly amazed at the play of light through our moist air and over the varied landscape of the Pacific Northwest. I especially enjoy early morning light – that short interval of time just before the last of the fog burns off – and evening light, especially on humid evenings, when the atmosphere itself is aglow with evening’s hues. We live in an environment that can produce both vivid and somber landscapes, often both within an hour’s time.”

If you too are a die-hard antique lover or you love to collect artistic and creative stuff, you can buy this typewriter. The machine is available for purchase on West Collects for a price of US$ 3000 to US$ 5000. If you have an iPhone, you can vote Callahan and his machine using the West Collects iPhone App, which is available on the iTunes App Store, and stand a chance to win US$ 25,000 in cash from West Collects as prize.