Dell recently launched new Insipiron Duo but this device has a serious problem with identity crisis. Dell is confused with whether it is a laptop or a netbook. This is a new model form Dell but looking at the Duo we see that it uses some enhaced innovative features to achieve its transition. When you see the keyboard and lid frame it will look same as on your standard notebook. The screen of this device is mounted on a pivot within the frame and you can flip it at 180 degree very easily.

When the screen is flipped and locked into its opposite position and top get the Tablet out of it. It has the 10.1 inch screen that is both touch screen and keyboard compatible.  The good thing about this device the screen, it is locked by series of magnets and it is very secure to use it as both. The screen is easily movable and you can make adjustments easily. As it is locked by magnets it swings freely into position with a minimum of effort.

It has some other features apart from the screen it has. It is powered with  2GB DDR3 SDRAM, Intel NM10 video card , a 7200 rpm SATA hard drive with up to 320 GB of space and the new Intel Atom Dual Core N550 processor. The battery life is just under four hours. Dell set a price of 450 pounds for this Insipiron Duo device.

2011 going to be the year of Tablet computers as we saw so many new Tablet computers launched or going to launch soon in this year. Tablet PC is one of the most talked gadgets today. As we have already saw it as the year of the tablet, then Smartphone with dual-core processors and also the presto. Now with the Dell Insipiron Duo, the picture is getting really exciting. They are expecting this model to take on other brands and rivals like Samsung and LG.

At CES 2011 every companies showcased their tablet computers with more innovative technology and outlook. The new Insipiron also with its dual netbook and tablet look may be a good deal by Dell. Although it has some drawbacks like it has less battery life and backup, it is average performer with its sleek looks.