It seems as if the traditional computing will be out of business pretty soon and cloud computing will replace it all over the world. Even the mobile computing seems to be outdated in front of the cloud computing because of the fact that cloud computing gives you a lot more control over the applications and your system as well.

Canonical’s Launch:

Canonical, the company that authors Ubuntu and Kubuntu has recently come up with a virtual appliance version of IBM’s DB2 Express-C database software that is able to run on any of the Ubuntu’s platform may it be the private, public or cloud one. Users with Linux installed will be allowed to use the IBM DB2 Express-C in the cloud environment for free and there will be no license fee charged with the use. The software, however is not open source and remains proprietary that means no one will be given the source code of the application.

IBM DB2 Express-C:

This version of IBM DB2 Express-C is a restricted version of the IBM’s DB2 Database that is being used by many of the huge industries around the world. The Canonical authored version of the application has the users limited to the two cores and just 2GB or RAM and there seems to be no limit on the database size created or the number of users accessing the database simultaneously. Unlimited number of users can access the database that can hover on an unlimited size as well. The IBM DB2 Express-C will be available to all the users who are using Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS and above as the supported software package that is compatible with the IBM DB2 Express-C is available in these versions only. The users who are using any version that was released before that either need to install the supported software or they will have to upgrade to the later versions that are available on the Ubuntu’s site for free download.

Compatibility Matters:

The validation processes have been taking place for quite an instance now and the process has been completed on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with the complete version of DB2 package that sets it to be an excellent option to consider on the overall. Users with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will, therefore be able to make the best out of the IBM DB2 package as it validates completely giving flexibility and control at the same time.

The representative at Canonical had a word with the media on the topic and told them that the partnership between IBM and Canonical have been quite strong for a lot of years and they have been working with IBM on the DB2 and they understand it completely now. The four year mature working with IBM will certainly justify for the availability of IBM DB2 Express-C on the cloud servers.

The DB2 Express-C variant is quite useful for people with medium sized businesses and the enterprise users can experiment the enterprise edition of the software that will be soon available to the users.