UFC Undisputed 3, the third installment of the UFC game series, is an out and out entertainer.

The upcoming UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) game is all set to be released by February 14 this year. Titled UFC Undisputed 3, this third version would include many new combat features, better graphics, more interesting animation etc. The whole game series is based on the popular and real format of mixed martial arts (MMA), which is organized by the UFC in accordance with the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. UFC Undisputed 3 claims to offer intense, savage, and preoccupied action throughout the game. As the earlier game titles have been remarkably entertaining, gamers’ expectations will definitely be at an all-time high.

UFC Undisputed 3 has 150 fighters. Gamers can play in tradition and simplified modes that offer Professional and Amateur versions, respectively. PRIDE, a new playing mode, has also been added into the game and it will have slightly different rules of its own. In addition, this game offers new tactics, additional finishing moves, enhanced controls and accessibility, more camera angles, etc. ‘Finish the Fight’ lets the gamers to keep striking nonstop until the referee intervenes. There are different categories of fighters viz. Heavyweights, Light Heavyweights, Middleweights, Welterweights, Lightweights, Featherweights, and Bantamweights. The game incorporates mo-capping, that is, motion capture technique to track every movement of a fighter. Fighters can recover from the damage during round-breaks.

There are changes in the game as well; some of them are mentioned below:

• Fighters can block ‘whip knees’.

• ‘Start decay’ is dismissed from the career mode.

• A fighter’s stamina returns only when he is well-rested.

• Auto-Block has been eliminated.

• Bruises would hamper the stamina recovery rate.

Feel the vehemence and bring down your opponents with the adrenaline running at an unprecedented rate. UFC Undisputed 3 is available for order on the official website for the game.

Rating: T

Publisher: THQ

Genre: Mixed Martial Arts

Platform: PlayStation 3, XBOX 360

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