Samsung is scheduled to release its 3D TV today in the UK. Samsung has managed to pitch ahead of its rivals like Sony, Panasonic and LG in releasing the first 3D TV in the UK. Originally Samsung was scheduled to release the TV on April 27, however other competitors have now entered the 3D TV market, due to which Samsung revised the release of the TV.

Samsung has spent over £8 million on advertising campaigns as it expects to get a large revenue share of the market. The 40 inch TV will be available at John Lewis store at Oxford Street from Thursday, followed by Comet and Curry stores in the weekend.

The TV will be available for a starting price of £1,800. However customers will need to buy a Blu-ray player as well, which will cost £349, as not many movies are available to support 3D format.

Just to make things seem less expensive, Samsung will offer you free 3D glasses and a Blu-ray CD of Monsters vs. Aliens. If you are thinking of purchasing the TV, then it is mandatory that you also purchase the 3D glasses for a 3D viewing experience.

3D TV has become a common buzz word these days, especially after the release of 3D movies such as Avatar a Clash of the Titans. However, instead of having a 3D experience in the cinema, electronic manufactures are now resorting to cashing in to the growing market on TV.