Mobile broadband also known as Wireless Wide Area Network refers to the portability of high speed Internet. A mobile broadband can be accessed remotely from any place where one can get a cellular service provider this helps you in being connected to Internet moving place to place. This technology is supported by 2G, 2.5G & 3G network providers.

There are various terminologies that are used in the mobile broadband technology:

  • A data card that is the device you the access to mobile broadband
  • A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card that contains the details and security of the subscriber.
  • A APN that contains letters and numbers combined in such a way that the type of network access can be identified.
  • A Auto Connect and Auto Select which automatically establishes a connection to the mobile broadband network and automatically selects the mobile operator when the home provider is out of service.

The basic need for a connection to the mobile broadband service are a data card like a PC card or a USB connected to your laptop, one must have the correct drivers in the system so that the card function normally, the final thing is a mobile subscription for the access of mobile broadband.

The user must select the best suitable plan from the various plans that the mobile broadband provider provides. One must select a plan wherein he/she can have high speed Internet and unlimited data usage available. This helps the user in getting a very smooth and easy experience of surfing the Internet. Moreover, there is should not be any kind of restrictions on the kind of program that is used for Internet connectivity.

The user must mostly opt of the unlimited data usage plan if you have one available but the user those who done have such facility must make some notable changes so that surfing the Internet becomes better and less costly for them. Here are some of the changes that a user can make according to his convenience in order to make his Internet experience more pleasant and affordable:

  • The user can change his mail id settings in such a way that only the header that contains the details of the sender and the subject of the mail. Only after verifying the importance of the subject of the mail a user can downloads the mail based on his convenience. This reduces the data that would be used because all the unwanted mails can be avoided.
  • The user can change his browser settings in such a way that no images any websites are automatically uploaded. This helps because uploading of image takes considerable amount of data.
  • The user should change his Windows update setting so that windows do not keep on updating itself automatically because this takes more data transfer to do so. The windows update settings can be changed in the following way:
    • Go to Windows update in the Update options.
    • Go to Change Settings.
    • Under Important updates, select Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them from the list, and then click OK.