Google Picasa web album is a web application provided by Google to share your photos and pictures with your family, friends or colleagues. It is free to use and you only need to have a Gmail active account. It works similarly like other Google applications including Blogs, Mail and Orkut. First you have to open the Google Picasa web album application page; you will see the login form, enter your Gmail id and password and enjoy sharing your photos with your nearest and dearest.

Google Picasa Web Album now support Unlisted Gallery feature

Google has introduced a new feature for Google Picasa Web Album to facilitate the users. Yes the unlisted gallery feature. It works like the same as introduced in YouTube and Google Docs. It allows the users to view all the public and unlisted albums. Public gallery only allows the users to view public images and the images where the users are added to the list. Unlisted gallery feature displays all the public and unlisted albums to the users screen to view but does not allow users to access the most private albums for which sign in is required and will not be displayed until the user is added on an person album’s ‘Shared with’ list.

This Google Picasa Web album unlisted gallery feature is displayed on the top of the screen and has an authentication key which can be altered by visiting the setting page. This authentication key is blend of numbers and letters and it is very difficult to judge.

Many of the people think that it is an attack on the privacy as there albums will be made public because it is difficult to judge the authentication key but if someone make it he can view all your photos . Some say that it does not seem to be a new feature because the public album was already viewable by the public user.

To conclude it can be said that this feature has made it easy for the users to share their photo albums with just one link and also has maintained the privacy as a person not listed in the private photo album cannot get access to the private photos. But still Google needs to improve it more and should also satisfy those users who think that this is a nightmare for privacy. Google should make it such that in a way the users who are not feeling comfortable with this should be satisfied. The authentication code should be designed in a way that it become impossible to predict because now there are still chances that the code may be interpreted.