After face recognition, you now have the sight and touch recognition feature that is coming to cure you of the phobia of remembering a string of passwords.

Having multiple accounts for your cell phone, laptop, tablet, personal as well as office ID, social networking websites and passwords for online banking and other accounts creates a lot of confusion. Managing and remembering all the passwords isn’t an easy task. Many of you may even have saved all your passwords in an excel sheet so that you do not lose track of the long list.

When it comes to handling the passwords for your gadgets, you need to be extremely cautious since your phone and computer are hubs of all your personal information and hence these “locks”, i.e., the passwords need to be protected or else handling the gadgets may turn into a nightmare.

If you have been suffering from a “password-phobia”, it is time for you to relax. Technology has a solution to every problem now. According to reports, Apple and Google, two giants in the field of technology, are planning to introduce a new line of phones with the popular sight and touch recognition feature. This new feature is similar to face recognition. The recognition software will identify the user through sight and touch. Only the prominent parts of the face will be scanned. So, now you can take a sigh of relief and stop cramming those complicated passwords.

Apple has applied for a patent named Low Threshold Face Recognition in the US Patent Office for registering their sight and touch recognition software.

On the other hand, a new segment of smartphones with the Google Android OS already comprises the face recognition tool.

The new sight and touch recognition feature will surely be a great relief for those who cannot remember too many passwords. However, the traditional way of manually entering all your password details would still be the safest way of unlocking your different devices.