Microsoft is going to remove the one of the biggest bug in its Windows Phone 7 OS platform known as Unlocking Loophole. A loophole is an error or bug in Operating System and with the help of Unlocking loophole bug Windows Phone can be unlocked. Various websites on Internet provide methods to unlock your Windows phone. Now, Microsoft latest efforts are towards blocking these loopholes. In the next update of Windows Phone 7 Operating system, the unlocking loophole will be closed.

In the latest bulletin released by Microsoft, it has confirmed that the coding error used in Chevron Windows Phone 7 unlocker will not work after their next update for Windows Phone 7 Operating System. Unlocker applications for Windows mobile are available on plenty of websites. Many websites provides super simple executable files for Desktop Windows and with a couple of clicks anyone can unlock the Windows phone. To unlock your Windows Mobile, you just need to connect your Mobile device with a USB cable connection.

Along with the updates provided to close the unlocking loophole, Microsoft has also released some updates to tweak Windows Phone performance. With the new updates for Windows Mobile, software and applications will load and switch much faster. Some applications and software are provided by the Smartphone manufacturer. These are default applications provided with the Windows Phone Operating System. You can also download and install other application and program from the websites over internet. The application compatibility on Windows phone make you realize that you are working on a Windows Operating System, just like your Desktop Windows.

These updates from Microsoft for its Windows Phone 7 Operating System are going to be released soon with a bunch of capabilities. From removing bugs to tweaking up the performance factor, Microsoft is making its continuous efforts toward betterment.

The Windows Phone 7 is currently available on GSM-based networks like AT&T. Further it will extend to CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) networks like Verizon and Sprint till the first half of 2011. Microsoft also claimed that manufacturers of Windows Smartphone have sold around 1.5 million Windows Phone units to retailers. Although Windows Phone 7 Operating System provides a power packed companion for mobile devices but it’s still an issue of reluctance that how many on these devices are found in consumers hands.