If you are a regular Twitter user then, just adding a website link in your tweets can be a cumbersome task.  You might have gone for those tools on the Internet that has become increasing popular of decreasing the overall length of the link. But are those websites safe from which you are able to shorten the address?

Now Google has added another service to its bandwagon which enables users to shorten the link through a safe and secure mode. The new service offered by Google is called Goo.gl which will enable you to shorten in website link through which you will be able to enter it in Twitter.

Google has taken the concept of shorter links further by enabling the services for its own websites such as Google news and Google Maps. Instead of having those funny alpha numeric computers listed in the web link address of your browser, Goo.gl will enable you to have shorter URL’s much shorter.

Google has also given the reassurance that the service will be free from any infection of malware and viruses. It will be using special provisions so as to prevent any blind links linking into rouge websites.