There has been a new claim heard from a Chinese government think tank that not only U.S but some other or most of the Western countries use Facebook, YouTube and other social networks just to create and sow unrest in this world and political atmosphere. It is not for the first time since many years such comments have been passed by Chinese government and different think tanks about USA. This time they have decided to fight upon social networks where you can grab attention of public very easily and with less effort.

They want more security of popular sites:

This Chinese think tank not only claims that but also demands the more high level and stepped up security of popular sites where a lot of social and personal data is available. According to Fox News; China’s government that is basically a communist government is highly concerned about the sensitive security issues and threads that have been raised against their authority on the internet. Media is highly scrutinized in China but as for as social networks are concerned they are still open for discussion to people. Although, they are planning to put more security threads on many social networks as well.

Blockage of Social sites but it never works against proxy servers:

It has been observed that many social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are banned and blocked by China’s government in a routine manner but in today’s world such thing don’t work for a long time because people can easily jump across the great wall of China blockage against social networks with the help of Proxy servers.

Demands of China’s Communist Think tank:

It has been said by the think tank that we need to put more security measures and risk threats to state security as social networking websites are getting popular day by day that can cause a great security risk to the country. They say that,” we must try to step up supervision of Social networking sites as soon as possible.”

In their report they highlighted many U.S. officials who say that social networking is a really “invaluable tool” to overthrow foreign governments and to play games against them. They have also quoted U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, saying that new communication technology is a “huge strategic asset”. The report also contain many other thing for example they quote further that social networking sites are used highly by official to create political unrest and as a tool of political subversion especially in the mass protest that caused in last Iranian elections that were held last year.

So many other things have also been mentioned in this report and they also blamed U.S officials to play a role in violence in China’s far-western region of Xinjiang in last summer. In this incident about 200 people were died. They blame overseas groups located in social websites to exaggerate people to raise voice for freedom who are traditionally Muslims. So thing are not looking like stop here unless or until some serious negotiations are done from both sides.