In this era of multiprocessing, we wish to get our work done by just sitting at one place and by using single machine capable of doing multiple tasks. It now days can be easily achieved with the help of computers. If you wish to fax some important document to your boss or to your client then it is not necessary to find Fax machine now. A small set of hardware and proper software can turn your computer into fax machine. It is very beneficial as it can save your money and time both. You just need to equip your system with required software and hardware add-ons.

For turning your machine into fax machine you require to connect a fax modem to it. Fax modem is a small piece of hardware that let you establish a connection between your system and a fax machine. Fax machine must be connected over the standard analog phone line. You can get modems at big computer shops near your house. These hardware pieces really cost low and thus are advantageous. In shop, you will find there are two types of modems which are internal and external. Internal modems are attached to the system the way by which you attach sound cards or LAN cards i.e. directly to the motherboard. External modems are connected to USB port or serial/parallel ports.

Now we will learn hoe to setup a fax modem in few simple steps. After connecting the fax modem into the analog phone line, access the start menu and type ‘Fax’ in the search box. You will find an option ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ in the search result. It will lead you to the new window where you will find an option Fax. Click on it and then click on ‘New Fax’ tab on the top of the window. You will lead to question asking about whether you want to connect via fax modem or fax server. After choosing appropriate option follow the instruction as you proceed. Once you have finished you will be able to send and receive faxes.

Another way to send or receive fax is to use a fox server. It is a fanatical computer that can handle multiple fax modems. The benefit of using fax server is that you don’t have to install a fax modem to your system to send and receive faxes. However, to perform the action you must be aware of the address of fax server to where you want to connect.  After accessing ‘Windows Fax and Scan’ you have to go into the Fax tab and click on tools. There you will find an option ‘Fax accounts’. There click on add which will lead you to the window containing option with which you can connect to the network. Then follow the instructions and assign name. You must be permitted by network administrator to use the network for fax purpose. Using computer for fax purpose is very helpful for your business growth as it saves the money that must be invested in costly fax machines.