Ever imagined that you can use the devices valuable as iPad as a secondary display for your computer. It sounds pretty odd saying that but you can make use of your iPad as the secondary display for your desktop computer or a laptop just with a few steps. You are going to have an extra monitor with your system that is going to provide you with the same display as your primary device.

MaxiVIsta and System Requirements

MaxiVista is the software application that is used to bridge both the devices. Your Apple iPad connects to your computer through the MaxiVista application. You can easily clear up the workspace on your monitor and move the icons and programs shortcuts that you don’t use too much to the secondary iPad screen. This will clear up your working space. People who are in the programming arena are going to find this application to be an excellent one that will provide them with the display for making use of their tools as well as they can run different terminal of Windows. Even people who have been playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator are going to find this as one of the most convenient options available to increase their workspace. You get an extra display through your iPad while your iPad gets used even when it has no function of itself protecting it from the dust it might catch while being idle.

MaxiVista Application is going to run compatible with any of the 32/64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 altogether. You will also need an iPad for the combination and a Wireless LAN connection.

Benefits of the Combination

You need not to spend on extra displays for added jobs rather the same iPad is going to provide you with an adequate display that is going to increase the work space of your Windows based PC. An iPad used here is a two in one use. In addition to that, you need not to install any other hardware and not even a cable to establish a connection within your computer. MaxiVista just needs to be installed and it is perhaps ready to use.

MaxiVista application is the only iPad monitor solution that is completely compatible with all versions of Windows that are used at home these days. The compatibility with the graphics driver enables this to work in a better way. Apart from that, you can easily establish a virtual VGA technology that is going to give you with a display active and vibrant in multiple dimensions. You will have an excellent combination of display over the Wi-Fi network. This is certainly a remarkable technology as the displays over wireless connections are not that quality as compared to the others.

The connection that is established between devices is secure as the MaxiVista application filters the MAC addresses of each machine therefore allowing the connection to be established between the paired display devices only. Other iPads will not get the connection invitation.

The best part about the iPad display in combination with the Windows Display is the option to flip between the vertical and the horizontal orientations while using the display. You can turn the iPad and it is going to turn the direction of the display itself.