Parallels is a software made for the desktop which lets the user run a completely separate operating system on their current system. Generally speaking, it is used by people who want to change the OS system they currently use from XP or Vista to Windows 7. It can be used to run old programs on the new system or can serve as a way to move all old programs into the new system. Due to speculations about the usefulness of the software, people have mixed feelings about whether or not to purchase it.

The Details of the Parallels Program

The Parallels software is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems and it requires One Gigahertz to run. It is located in the area of system tools. It can be purchased at nearly any computer store locally or online and is fairly expensive.

The Positive Aspects

Installation is fairly easy and mostly self explanatory as a virtual person assists the user during the setup of the Parallels program. When the PC is connected by cable to an outside source such as a group of computers or other type of storage device, you can move applications and programs from the old source to the new. It is unique in that if anything does not function right in the new system, it puts a clone of the system you started with that basically runs behind everything so that you can still make use of the non working items and use both Operating systems with ease. Components that recognize and know what works where and with which system are integrated into the Parallels program. This can be adjusted to the users’ specifications though if preferred.

The Negative Aspects

If you do not know very much about the computer let alone how to upgrade your system, this program can be quite frustrating. According to users, sometimes files can be damaged or only half installed when they are switched from the old version of the OS to the new visitor system with Parallels. Applications that protect your computer may be present on one and not on the other thus throwing the whole thing out of whack and bringing up false warning signals. It is not compatible with the Linux or Mac Operating systems.

Potential users question things such as licenses and other concerns. Some current users mention the use of other free programs that achieve the same thing. They argue that the Parallels program is too step by step for people that have experience and too confusing for those who do not. It is possible to start from scratch and install the Windows 7 OS yourself without any help but it may be difficult to bring over your old stuff. Of course with anything involving technology, especially those in the computer field, there are going to be speculations and people with different opinions. The only true way to find out if it is right for you is to give it a try.