Every user wants to make his work smoother and perfect and for this the operating system should be in a good condition so that it can perform well and give you better results for your work. Some of the important tools which can help to make your operating system secure and in a good condition are: disk defragmentation, disk cleanup, backup etc. One of the most important tools is system backup which helps us to take a backup of the applications, settings and the data stored on a hard drive. This backup will be in use if the operating system crashes or the user formats the drive so at that time with this backup, the user can get his applications, settings and the backup of data. Disk defragmentation is used to defrag the hard disk drives and it defragments one volume at one time.

Working with these tools helps the user a lot to enhance the performance of the operating system, but it is very difficult to work with these at times so, to use these tools at a specific time, you can use Windows Task Scheduler.

Windows Task Scheduler is a tool which is developed to automate the jobs of the operating system. This utility was firstly used with the Windows 95 operating system. It is an inbuilt tool which is already installed with the operating system you are using. You can search Windows Task Scheduler in Control Panel. This tool is very useful. For example: if you want to take backup of your operating system at the end of every week or every month, you don’t need to do it at that time. With the help of Windows Task Scheduler, you can set it for a specific time when you want to take the backup. You can schedule any task in this tool. If you want to shut down your computer system at a specific time for that you can use this tool.

There are some simple steps by which you can access Windows Task Scheduler in Windows 7:

Firstly you have to go to ‘Start’ menu and click ‘Control Panel’. In ‘Control Panel’ go to administrative tools. Under administrative tools you will find task scheduler.

You can use some other ways to schedule tasks. Go to ‘Start’ and type ‘Run’ in the search box. Type ‘taskschd.msc’ and press ‘Enter’. With this, the task scheduler page will display and now you can create any task.

Really with the use of Windows Task Scheduler utility, any user can make their computer system’s performance better and work in a good condition. As mentioned above the benefits of using Windows Task Scheduler can reduce your work and helps in enhancing the performance of the operating system.