It is believed by the state of Utah that it is quite right that the convicted murder should have the punishment of execution. The Attorney General of Utah, Mark Shurtleff, is of the view that it is quite reasonable to announce the execution of this murderer on the social networking web site Twitter. On, more than 7,000 of the followers had been tweeted in which he told them about the progress of the most recent execution of the state. There is going to be an execution of the murder and Mark Shurtleff has announced this on Twitter with the help of sending tweets to other people and his followers.

Announcing execution on Twitter

Some of the hours later when Mark Shurtleff sent the first tweets to his followers, he again tweeted in which he said that the just now have given the go ahead, which was given to Corrections Director, in which he said that they can proceed with the execution of Gardener. He further asked that he might get the mercy of God. All of these things were said in the tweets on the social network of Twitter. The name of the murderer who was convicted was Ronnie Lee Gardner. He had been executed by the firing squad.

Utah and the execution

Utah is known as such a state which is known for the fact that in 14 years there had been no execution but in all of these years, the execution of the murder Gardner had been the first of its kind. During the year 1985, Gardner was sentenced for killing one attorney when he was trying to escape from one courthouse. At that time he killed that attorney and for this now his execution was called. The name of the attorney general for whose killing Gardner was convicted was Michael Burdell. The family of Burdell has reported and many time opposed this execution of Gardner. They were of the view that he must not be executed for this. Twitter had been used for all of the communications that were of the immediate nature. Nobody had been surprised to see that the attorney general would opt for this kind of medium for sending the good news to the people of Utah. It had been explained by Shurtleff in one tweet which was done after the event that he believes that the public should be informed and well aware of what is happening in the state. He said that as he is one elected official so he thinks that it would be a better option to use the social media. He must deliver what he has to say to the public with the help of the social network so that he should be able to communicate with the public in a direct manner.

One thing which is considered to be really great about Twitter is that there remains no doubt about the person who is sending the tweets. You can have immediacy as well as certain clarity with this social network which is currently not offered by other media.