The Diskeeper Corporation has been working on the official shipment of V-locity2.0. The v-locity 2.0 is a new virtual platform that is a disk optimizer. This disk optimizer is basically designed for the propose of delivering the invisible background optimization that is for all the windows Guest operating systems that specifically run on the VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms.

Utilization of Intelliwire technology by V-locity

The v-locity has utilized the Intelliwire fragmentation prevention technology that was introduced with diskeeper2010. With the help of the Intelliwire fragmentation prevention technology the v-locity has made it possible to prevent the fragmentation from occurring by writing the files to the disk.  With the help of this up to 85 % of the fragmentation can be prevented from occurring.

The v-locity is made in order to create a virtual-specific product whose function is not only to prevent the fragmentation issues but also to synchronize the complicated activities that are going on in a virtualized environment among the hosts and the guest operating systems that are numerous in number most of the time. This makes it ideal and efficient.

When the virtualization platforms get older with the passage of time more disk I/O are generated than that are needed. These disks I/O are generated by the fragmentation of files in the Windows host and guest operating systems. With fragmentation more overhead is created on the file system and the operating system. The CPU resources and the memory resources and also the network resources sometimes allow for the larger VM density. The disk subsystem may become an obstacle for virtualization.

The product manager of Diskeeper, Michael Materie explained that the disk subsystems that are fragmentation clogged sometimes become a hurdle for running more VMs on the hardware infrastructure that is given. This can also lead to the inefficiency of the system. The v-locity is a good design that is made in order to overcome these inefficiencies and inabilities of the system. The v-locity is designed in a way that it can provide a faster and ever efficient computing platform for new initiatives without the need to add more hardware.

The design of V-locity provides better performance

In order to avoid the bottlenecks you must make sure that you have fast hard drives and controllers while building your environment. You must be well aware of your resources and be very careful in choosing your resources. Most of the people who have been using the v-locity they said that, they have experienced a really faster and more efficient performance on servers they hosted the disk-intensive operations. The manager of information technology at mesa industries Inc Mr. Bill Philpot said that the performance of the servers has greatly improved with the v-locity. These mostly include the exchange server, the database server and the two terminal servers to a certain extent as well.

The files are written in a non-fragmented condition by the Intelliwire. At the block level the action is taken on the changes to data by the copy on write solutions such as used by the snapshots. In some cases the copy on write solutions has to take extra action. These cases include the moving data, just like it is done in defragmentation job. The extra actions taken by the copy on write solutions include using a greater storage capacity.