Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, has recently opened up his very own Twitter account. This is a new avenue that Chavez is using in order to get his words out to the people of Venezuela and to the rest of the world. This is one of the most interesting pieces of technology news to come out of the country.

Chavez’s Twitter account, which is available under the “chavezcandanga” handle, is a Spanish-language account that was first set up on 27 April. He kicked off his page by writing in a message stating that he was heading to Brazil to take care of a major business trip. He has updated it once as of 29 April. It is expected that he will more than likely continue to be active with his account.

The number of followers that Chavez has received on Twitter has blossomed in just a short period of time. It took only a few hours for him to get about thirty thousand followers on his page. As of 29 April he has gotten more than a hundred thousand followers.

An interesting thing about this account deals with how Chavez will be able to get short news messages handled. Chavez is known for making long speeches through various avenues. This includes the speeches that he makes each week on his Alo Presidente television programme. He was even on television for eight straight hours at one point.

Twitter, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of this type of appearance. This comes from 140 character limit that a tweet can handle.

Chavez’s recent entry into Twitter is just one more sign of how Venezuela is one of the fastest growing countries in the world with regards to Twitter usage. Recent news reports estimate that there are more than two hundred thousand Twitter accounts registered in Venezuela. Also, in the past year Twitter usage in Venezuela grew by more than a thousand percent.

There is a concern about whether or not this movement will be something that is going to increase Chavez’s hold on Venezuela. In recent times social networking sites like Twitter have become popular places for people who oppose Chavez to go to. The number of opposition members on Twitter has increased substantially. This comes primarily from how Chavez is blamed by many for Venezuela’s high inflation rate and its poor economy.

Chavez is looking to get more of his followers to join him on Twitter and other social networking outlets though. Recent news states that Chavez is arguing that many of the seven million members of his United Socialist Party will join up with him on Twitter. This is something that could end up giving him an edge on social networking sites.

Only time will tell with regards to how this news of Chavez’s Twitter account is going to go in Venezuela. While he is rallying his supporters online there are still plenty of people who oppose him online as well. A very interesting competition between these two parties should be expected in the near future.