Time never stops or fall behind. We already have witnessed the fascinated realm of wonderland. Samsung has always been on the front and leading the charge on. This week marks the occasion of Samsung Fascinate. It is coming to Verizon’s network with handful of options available. Industry experts have been eagerly waiting to check the handset in real physical form. A lot of hype has already been created over it. The latest model in Galaxy S smartphone series would be available online from Wednesday onwards. The next day would bring down its nationwide launch across all the Verizon wireless retail stores. Hold it peacefully calm! Everybody would get an opportunity to have sneak peek at the product. It symbolizes the importance of master craftsmanship. It has gathered almost every notable feature that market has to offer outside. Audience has already experienced Samsung’s other Galaxy S series smartphone. Be it AT&T’s Captivate or T-Mobile’s Variant, every model has set its own huge customer base. Verizon has also officially joined the bandwagon. However it has maximum points than all other competitors combined. It all comes down to the single most important factor of making glamorous showdown. The kind of cosmetic appearance that we are taking here about was never seen before in any of the other handsets. If are ever asked to portray or provide shape to our expressions over here, there would be no better way than to claim ‘phenomenal’ in awe and inspiration. It has been power-packed with loads of applications.

There is a long list of features to be discussed in time. Verizon navigator would be provided as a loaded application here. Google navigation option can be downloaded, if required. It also empowers each Fascinate model with preloaded Amazon kindle, Skype Mobile, NFL Mobile and Blockbuster. Do we need to advocate anything else given the fact that everything has been accurately placed in the handset? It shares number of exiting features with other Galaxy S models.

It comes with a two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate coupon. Amongst other package details, it has various voice and data plans starting at $70 per month. There is another news making circles in the market that by the end of year 2010, we would have Flash support available to it. We are well aware of the details that it also has Skype keyboard available to it. There is a quick reminder of integrated features like 512MB ROM, 16GB microSD card (with further package capacity to 32GB), 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, 4-inch Super-AMOLED display and 720p video recording facility etc. It has been long that we have seen something spectacularly real and functional at the same time. It would not be incorrect to put forth that future definitely belongs to Samsung Fascinate. VCAST is a part of the actual description process and would be featured over Amazon MP3 for OTA music downloads.