The Verizon iPhone is the most anticipated and talked about phone in the US telecom market. Since the iPhone was introduced, many iPhone fans were eagerly waiting for this deal to happen. There are many Verizon customers who lusted for the iPhone 4, but had no other option but to go for a BlackBerry or Android phone. The recent announcement of iPhone’s CDMA version for Verizon had left many Verizon customers sulking. The reason is that many Verizon customers have recently upgraded to an Android or BlackBerry as they were not expecting something like this to happen.  However, Verizon’s latest announcement of a $200 gift card for customers who have recently upgraded to Android or Blackberry will make many customers happy.

Recently, Verizon declared that a $200 gift card would be given to customers who are ready to swap their Android or blackberry for the iPhone. Customers who are ready for the exchange will have to pay the full price for the iPhone, but the offer is not open for all Smart phone users of Verizon. This offer is only for those Verizon customers who have upgraded to an Android or Blackberry between 26th November 2010 and 1st January 2011. Also, this offer is only available for accounts with less than 5 lines. Customers who are eligible for this offer have to return the existing phone and pay full retail price for iPhone. Verizon will then give them a $200 VISA gift card.
Verizon’s latest shift towards iPhone have kept the market speculating. It is said that Verizon has made this bold move because of the declining flavor for Blackberry. Besides, moving to Android has not helped its rival AT&T grow. Verizon also thinks that the introduction of new Blackberry devices is not likely to make much of a difference to its dwindling sales. There is also a speculation that Verizon has finally favored iPhone, to prevent iPhone from going to other rival companies. Insiders are contemplating that Verizon has made a pseudo-exclusive deal with Apple for its iPhone, to prevent carriers such as T-Mobile Sprint and small carriers from acquiring it. It is said that even Apple will welcome such deals with Verizon, as it will have a significant effect on iPhone’s sales. This would certainly help Apple gain some ground that it has lost to Android. The Verizon iPhone deal is also likely to bring back the customers   that shifted to AT&T because of the non availability of iPhone. Verizon is also expected to give some kind of discount to its smartphones users who do not qualify for this offer in the near future.