We are all aware of the stalemate that has been going on ever since President George Bush was in administration. We here are talking about Verizon and Bob St. Germain who still haven’t been able to see eye-to-eye.

It wasn’t very long ago, precisely around four years ago when Bryan who was then a young 22 year old boy, the son of St. Germain loved the Verizon cell phone almost innocently picked it up and began to surf the internet on the phone. Come to think of it, if you and I had the phone in our hands 4 years ago, we would have been miffed at surfing the internet over a cell phone and probably not let go of it. That’s what Bryan did, and for surfing the net for no one knows how long his dad was handed over a bill that was clearly $12,000. That’s not all, he even received a cherry on the icing and that was a $6,000 bill and he has no idea why!

The real story is that Bryan was so fed up of the slow connection speed that his parents dial up connection had and therefore connected the cell phone to his laptop. After Bob St. Germain got his first bill from Verizon he called them up and was told that his promotional period that allowed for free downloads for the first 2 years had expired. Talk about bad luck! The bill had a whooping sum because of the per kilobyte download charge. Bryan had downloaded around 816,000 KB and 375,000 KB that reflected in the next bill.

It wasn’t surprising when his dad almost blew his top off and even told the Globe that cell phone companies should constantly remind their customers on their transaction that would help them keep a tab of their usage instead of loosing it all. Ever since he received the bill in 2006 Bob has been disputing the bill with Verizon. And he’s probably right when he says that consumers should have the right to be informed.

However Verizon cut the bill to half but, utility officials advised him to skip the payment, and this was when it went to the collection agency records.  Bob has not gotten in touch with the Federal Trade Commission however he is under the wing of two state senators along with the office of the attorney general.

However in a recent update Verizon had sent Boston Globe a letter that in brief mentions that the story does not really tell the real story and that they understand that consumers would be liked to informed about their data usage regularly to avoid any kind of surprises. They have also mentioned that their customer agreements and confirmation letters have enough of information telling customer about how they can check their plan, usage etc. They can infact keep a tab through the MyVerizon web page, or choose to dial #DATA (for data usage), #BAL (balance information), #MIN (to know minutes available) etc.

According to the letter there are also several tools that customers can use to keep a track of their cell phone usage, like setting the voice messaging, text alerts and more.