According to two valuable sources that possess knowledge of the field, Verizon is going to sell iPhones starting in January. This will apparently signal the end to AT&T’s exclusive rights to sell the iPhone is the US. According to the two who declined to be named, the phone will be sold by Verizon from January onwards. The two didn’t want to identify themselves because the information has not been published yet. When contacted, both spokesmen for Verizon and the AT&T declined to comment. As a result “USA today” was unable to confirm the news.

People were speculating on the news in tech blogs but nobody knows what is happening. Verizon iPhone may actually become a reality! In case this story is true, Verizon is going to be at a huge advantage as it will have another product under their belt to provide competition in the smart phone segment. On the other hand AT&T will lose its monopoly there. AT&T enjoyed the exclusive rights from 2007.

Verizon, who have 92.8 million customers, will be able to sell 3 million iPhones when they start sales according to knowledgeable sources. This figure is for a quarter. The comment was made by John Hodulik who is a USB analyst.

Apple is going to get a big boost in sales volumes in the US due to its association with Verizon. Verizon is now arranging to build new 4th generation systems and they are planning to include many new devices that support the new wireless network. These will be unveiled in the consumer electronics show to be held in January. According to Hodulik, iPhone is going to improve its presence in the US despite the US market being very close to the saturation point.

The recent launch of iPhone has seen sales boost with 1.7 million of the phones being sold. AT & T’s life line has apparently been the iPhone. It has been able to find customers for AT&T due to its popularity. The popularity of iPhone has boosted sales for AT&T and the US market is not able to absorb any new users. This speaks volumes about the popularity of the iPhone. At the same point of time there have been lot of complaints against AT&T by customers.

Partnership with Verizon is going to be a big advantage for iPhone against its rivals Motorola and Research in motion though their phones are also sold by the carrier.

Apple was able to sell 50 million phones from the time it was introduced and the iPhone 4, the final version has got sold to the tune of 1.7 million units. When Verizon does its release in the US in January the total sales in the is going to hit 15 million units according to Barclay Capital. Presently the figure stands at 11 million.

Apple will produce components to make its phone compatible with Verizon’s CDMA network. The association of the two companies will benefit both and the final beneficiary is going to be the US cell phone users.