Vodafone has come up with an excellent initiative in India that will soon attract a lot of other companies as well. They have provided an eco-friendly solution to charge your mobile phones instead of the conservative traditional electricity based charging of your cell phones. This new technology has introduced a phone that uses solar power as a solution to benefits users in all the areas where you have enough sunlight throughout the day.

Vodafone being the leading cellular company in India has come up with a eco friendly solution to the mobile phones and their charging issues. You need not to connect the mobile to electricity to charge it rather the mobile uses solar powered solutions in order to target and benefit all those people who live in regions with adequate sunlight. The phone VF 247 was first launched in a store in Fort, Mumbai.

Target Audience

The main target of coming up with the launch of VF 247 solar powered phone is to maximize the accessible area of the country. Their aim is to make the mobile phone accessibility to all the millions of Indians living in the underdeveloped regions with no electricity. The solar powered battery as well as the solar powered phone is a blessing to all those who are living in the rural areas and face frequent power shortages. The VF 247 charges all by itself when exposed to the ambient light. There is a special software and hardware combination that sets the phone to the charging mode even under the normal daylight.

The phone is described as the India-UK economic partnership in action and will enable a whole lot of people from around the country to get connected to the rest of the world even when the power is not around. The customers will pay less to the company and they are also going to contribute their bit to the environment ensuring less energy wastage.

Possible outcomes

Vodafone is dedicated and committed in India and promises to come up with affordable technology products and solutions just to make sure that everyone can access the technology and stay connected to the rest of the world. The phone is dedicated to provide people residing in areas where the electricity is not stable or even where electricity is not available. The consumers can rely on the solar power to charge their mobiles and ensure that they are connected to the rest of the world.

Vodafone already has a 65% coverage in the rural areas but still is the highest in the country as well as this is the second largest rural subscriber base in the country. The VF247 solar powered comes with all the basic mobile features as well as FM Radio, color screen and a powerful light to lit you up when you have no other option. The phone is expected to be available commercially pretty soon.

Phone specifications

The phone takes 8 hours to charge completely and you can easily have a standby time of eight days as we as a talk time of around four hours. The phone has a 1.44” screen with 65k color display resolutions and has a prepaid balance indicator as well. Not only the phone is eco friendly but even the packing has been made accordingly.