Virtual technology is working hard on the basic benefits that made it popular previously. It is spreading those basic benefits as well as expanding the scope. The latest version of VMware virtualization suite is the representation of a great step towards the practical cloud computing.

With virtualization it becomes much easier for a company to consolidate its inventory of servers and maintain them as it has the quality that it sometimes justifies its own cost through two or more cycles of upgrades.


The infrastructure analyst for Gartner Group Mr. Chris Wolf said that “We had one client that was able to justify a complete server hardware refresh as it could upgrade without having to buy any additional VMware server licenses”.  They were able to move from the servers with 4 cores to servers with 12 cores and were also able to run a number of VMs on fewer servers with great saving of costs.

Most of the technologies when they are implemented for the first time deliver great savings only. During the first round of virtualization the chipsets took some advantage of the virtualization but now the people are indulged in building hardware designed to leverage it and you will gradually get to know that you can get great benefits from virtualizing the things. McWilliams explained that you can get great benefits by virtualizing your things. The switches, networks and storage work in a more efficient manner.

The IDC report that was released in June stated that it was estimated that in the year 2009 the cloud-based services accounted for $16 billion of the $2-5 trillion approx in global spending on IT. The report also gave some predictions stating that the number would rise to $55.5 Billion in the year 2012 to 2014 percent of that spent on IT. The customers whose money would go to the cloud-based IT are suffering from the cloud confusion as stated by the report from the Forrester Research that was represented on 6th of July.

The reason to confusion

This confusion is also due to some vendors who call everything in their inventor as cloud. This confusion is caused mostly due to the wrong explanation of the technology and not understanding its real potential. Due to this confusion most of the companies get a blur image of cloud and fail to understand its benefits. They can actually get great benefits from the virtualization technologies on which the cloud services would be built. Bernard Golden, CEO of consultancy Hyperstratus explained this.

Golden explained that you have to start with the base level of virtualization and gradually add more layers to get full automation and control over it and can associate other things with the cloud computing. It’s too much confusing in building internal clouds as stated by many of the people. Wolf stated that there is a split in the level of adoption of basic virtual-server technology. The range of early adopter is from 60% to 100% of their servers while the late adopters range from 20% to 40%. So it is clear that you can get great benefits from virtualization.