Vision Solutions Inc. is looking to become one of the top companies in the field of business and disaster recovery services. Vision Solutions is working to do this by acquiring a business that works with helping to handle backup services. Vision Solutions will be buying up Double-Take Software Inc. in a multi-million dollar transaction.

This transaction will be used to help with improving Vision’s control over the disaster recovery industry. This comes from how Vision will be able to integrate the software backup services from Double-Take into its disaster recovery service suites.

This transaction is also expected to be beneficial to businesses and home computers that need disaster recovery software programs. This comes from how the powers of the two companies will be able to work together to provide more services to clients. This will be used to make it easier for any type of computer to be well protected no matter what the problem is.

System management solutions from IBM will be easier for people to use as well. All programs from Vision are ones that work with IBM Power Solutions development processes.

Double-Take had been on the market for a little over a month. The company had announced on April 9 that it was looking to find a business that will acquire it.

In fact, Double-Take worked to get a number of people involved in the business to endorse the transaction. The merger was endorsed by the board of directors at the company. The company stockholders were also encouraged to endorse the merger.

The value of the deal is about $242 million in value. A good portion of this value came from the acquisition that Double-Take made in 2008 of emBoot Inc. Double-Take acquired the emBoot computer workload reassignment system provider for slightly less than ten million dollars back in 2008.

Double-Take’s 2007 acquisition of TimeSpring Software worked to get the company to increase in its value as well. This acquisition worked to get Double-Take to integrate TimeSpring recovery software into Double-Take’s product suites. The services that Double-Take uses from TimeSpring and emBoot will be able to work with the services that Vision Solutions has thanks to this deal.

The deal is going to be very profitable to Double-Take stockholders. Stockholders will earn $10.55 per share of the company. This is around twenty percent higher than that of the closing share price that Double-Take had prior to announcing that it wanted to be acquired by another company. It is a very profitable deal for all of the people involved.

The transaction will be used to increase the value of the holdings that Thoma Bravo LLC has. Vision Solutions is one of the portfolio companies that are controlled by Bravo.

This acquisition is one that will more than likely help to get Vision Solutions to have more control over the emergency recovery industry. This comes from how Vision will be able to offer services from Double-Take and the other companies that Double-Take has acquired over the years in its software programs.