One of the excellent manufacturers of Cameras, Canon has recently come up with the all new Canon e VIXIA HF M32 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder. The camera comes with a remarkable 64GB of internal Flash Memory and has a SDXC compatibility that can expand the storage space up to a gigantic 2 TB. The memory lineup is referred to as super-expandable.

The camcorder comes with a dual flash memory and provides easy and simple features for movie making. You can have hours of high quality High Definition videos recorded of major family events, picnics and social gatherings that might occur at your living place. The gadget is perhaps an excellent addition in the lineup produced by Canon. The device comes with an internal storage of 64 GB that is adequate. Even if you are not satisfied with storing continuous 24 hours of High Definition video, you can still expand the memory through the SDXC memory card compatibility. These cards start from a minimum denomination of 32GB and rise up to a denomination of 2 TB. The SDXC protocols make the data transfer between the storage and the device extremely fast with quite a slow reaction time.


The Canon HF M32 is certainly designed to keep the demands in sight. The design is overall sleek and lightweight as to provide you with the excellent experience as does the previous models of Canon. This makes the whole product range of Canon distinct. The design combined with the memory storage provides you with excellent 24 hours HD video in the internal memory available with the device.

The key technologies that set Canon distinct from other competitions have been used in the product. The genuine models of Canon HD Video lens have been used in combination with the High Definition Image sensor as well as the DIGIC DV III Image processor. The Canon VIXIA HF M32 also features a Touch Panel LCD like the predecessor which make the handling of this device an easier job. You can capture and share all the super high quality high definition videos.

Key Features

The VIXIA HF M32 is remarkable product from the manufacturer but the following key features make it even distinct in the whole of the lineup from Canon.

Smart Auto: Smart Auto is the intelligent photo detection technology that sets the quality for the image processor. Considering all the external details, the Smart Auto feature analyzes the brightness, color, distance, as well as the movement of the object to make recording accordingly.

Touch & Track: The Touch & Track feature is an excellent yet marvelous technology that is based on some very strong sophisticated technological stipulations. The technology can recognize faces, objects and animals and the focus will be on the objects of your choice and nothing that comes between the camera and the subject. It will auto focus to the object.

Relay Recording: The relay conversion is the feature that allows users to make the best out of the storage spaces. You will not be prompted when the primary storage will fill up and the machine will automatically move ahead to the secondary storage medium not missing a single instance from the recording.

Power IS: Power IS is the image stabilization technology that provides supreme image stabilization in combination with the Canon’s Dynamic Super Range Image Optical Stabilization. This feature gives excellent results when you are making a zoom with your camera.

The Canon VIXIA HF MF 32 is certainly one of the remarkable additions in the lineup from Canon that provides excellent combination of features enhancing the Video recording by many folds.