BlackBerry users can now download Vlingo – Virtual Assistant for free from BlackBerry App World. This app recognizes your voice and does everything you command. If you have this app, your smartphone can read out your messages loud when you are driving and send messages for you. It is a voice-based app.

Vlingo – Virtual Assistant app can do many things. With the SafeReader feature, users can command to read out messages and e-mails. It can also open various applications with voice commands. If you are driving and you need to send an urgent message, you only need to give a voice command and Vlingo will write it for you. You can also use voice command to call up from your contact list and send e-mails. Vlingo also helps you to stay connected with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Vlingo can even update your status. You can also search the web with voice commands and make notes for yourself with Vlingo.

Vlingo updates you with the weather. Simply say ‘Search Weather in Miami’ or the name of any place you are going, and it will provide you with the weather information. You can also ask Vlingo to find restaurants and other locations. In short, you can make Vlingo your Personal Assistant.

Vlingo Corporation has also released Vlingo app for both Android and Apple users, which is absolutely free. Android users can download it from the Android Market, while Apple users can download it from the App Store.

Download Vlingo – Virtual Assistant for your BlackBerry now. It is free only for a limited time.

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