VMLogix Inc. is a known provider of virtual machine management solutions for software companies and different IT organizations. VMLogix recently announced that WatchGuard Technologies that are globally recognized leaders of security solutions for businesses has deployed the VMLogix LabManager in their pre production labs. Watch Guard Technologies switched from VMware lab manager to VMLogix lab manager due to the comprehensive features that VMLogix has to meet the standards of WatchGuard. WatchGuard selected VMLogix LabManager due to the high availability of support and efficiencies brought to WatchGuard as it moved to a virtual environment.

Why VMLogix LabManager:

Mark Olsen, the IT Manager of Watch Guard said that the developments and test environments which they were running were really difficult to administer and keep them fine so they were forced to implement a virtual test lab where the data could be easily refreshed in short time period. He further said that VMLogix LabManager is a complete revolution for our business’ development and test processes. He said that VMLogix LabManager saved a lot of their time and the extra money they were required to spend otherwise. He said that this has largely affected our overall working and has miraculously added to the overall productivity, product quality and time efficiencies.

After the initial implementation of VMware LabManager, the WatchGuard team switched to the VMLogix LabManager in the late 2009. WatchGuard is currently running the solutions on an ESX4.0 platform and is controlling it from their data center in Seattle.

Results of LabManager:

The IT/Web Development Team of WatchGuard that consists of twenty five people including the marketing web development team are now using LabManager in the testing, development and other pre production departments and after the implementation of VMLogix LabManager, WatchGuard experienced 91 percent savings in their platform power, cooling, and licensing costs. This also helped in time savings on management of their test environments which resulted in a significant decrease in website glitches.

Sameer Dholakia, the CEO of VMLogix said that manual upkeep and maintenance of labs for software development is a time consuming and cost efficient process. He said that with the VMLogix LabManager, the organizations can leverage a virtual infrastructure for delivery of an easy-to-use automated virtual lab that can meet the requirements of testing environments including development, testing and more.

VMLogix LabManager allows the customers to automate the lab infrastructure to deliver applications more quickly, cost efficiently and reliably. LabManager can be used for development for test and support teams to build, share and deploy a production like environment across virtualization platforms. With the implementation of VMLogix LabManager, a company can dramatically reduce the manual effort, time and money required to develop and maintain high quality software applications by using automation capabilities with advanced team management and solutions from HP and IBM.

VMLogix provides the users with virtual management solutions that are designed for software companies and IT organizations. This can be used on virtualization of platforms for consolidating test lab infrastructures, automating the testing process resulting in overall reduced running costs and saving you a lot of time.