VM ware, Inc established in 1998 provides virtualization software. Its desktop software functions on Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft windows. VMware ESX server does not require a supplementary underlying operating system and it scuttles directly on server hardware. To the guest operating system, VMware software makes available a fully virtualized set of hardware. It is now competing with Microsoft and Citrix.

Though VMware virtual machines have the capacity to dash in user-mode, various drivers have to be installed in the host operating system for VMware Workstation. It can work on a dual boot system concurrently in different operating system. It has also the capability to sprint virtual machines that are fashioned by Microsoft Virtual PC.


Novell is a multinational software and services corporation headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. It is specialized in Suse Linux Enterprise and Novell Netware which are meant for security, systems management and identity solutions. Novell Groupwise and Novell Pulse are its collaboration solutions. Due to the technology offered by Novell, many local area networks have been developed and thus it has created a revolution in worldwide computing. Now its main aim is to help the enterprise clients by developing a open source software.

Suse which was the developer of Linux distribution was acquired by Novell in November 2003. This has twisted a foremost shift of power in Linux distributions. In the acquisition of Suse, IBM has also invested $50 million.  OpenSuse is an operating system sponsored by Novell in order to create Suse Linux distributions components. In January 2004, Novell acquired Suse Linux and it involves itself in releasing Suse Linux as a 100% open source project. A superior, technical Linux distribution has been created by Suse Linux with the help of many employed engineers.

VMware liking to release its dependency upon Windows has made an agreement with Novell. According to this VMware has to support Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) operating system. Any customer going to buy certain vSphere license can take delivery of a subscription to Suse Linux Enterprise Server. He will be supplied with an additional gift of updates for SLES which can be deployed in vSphere virtual machines. This pretty good relationship will benefit him a lot. It will of course reduce the complexity and cost of deploying. The senior Vice President and General Manager of VMware Virtualization and Cloud Platforms have stated that the mission of VMware is to pave a way for the customers to the cloud and reducing the IT complexity.

Because of this lingering collaboration, both Novell and VMware have given an opportunity for the customers to harbor their Suse Linux based workloads across clouds. Thus they have created a significant step in cloud computing. Standardizing VMware products on Suse Linux Enterprise Server for VMware will shorten the path to ROI by simplifying the management of the solutions and deployment. Being the extensively deployed virtualization platform, VMware vSphere has shaped the subsequent generation of IT services.