VMware has launched mobile virtualization platform (MVP) for Android based smartphones. This concept has already become a big hit in different parts of the world. Users are strongly advised to rate the topic as a very serious one and to learn about it carefully. Users should implement the idea correctly to be able to make the most of the application. Mobile Virtualization is a platform which gives dual modes to the Android phones. It allows the users to separate the profiles completely.

An Android phone

Users can use the same phone for office as well as for personal use. The interests would not conflict, as the profiles would act as exclusive. Certain personal folders would not be made available in the office mode. Thus, the security of personal as well as official data can be guaranteed using mobile virtualization from VMware. Users from different parts of the world have praised the new feature in a huge way. The Mobile Virtualization platform is easy to install and extremely simple to handle. Mobile Virtualization will help is cost reduction as employees can use their portable equipment for office applications. Thus, it also helps in doing away with the need for two portable devices for office and home.