The Fusion 3.1 updated version of VMware has really filled up the gap in performance between the Parallels Desktop and the Fusion. The Users of the Fusion 3.x versions can now access this update free of cost and it has promised really huge improvements in 3D and 2D graphics in particular. Pat Lee, the director at VMware for the products used at personal desktop, said that this updates is there to enhance the speed and provide sheer speedy features.

According to the results provided by World Bench the overall performance of the virtual machine is enhanced almost about thirty five percent in this Fusion 3.1 updated version. As compared to the 3.0 version the performance of the 2D graphics is increased by four times. Some operations like the suspension and resuming of virtual machine as well as the launching of any application are also performed faster than before. If the hardware used by you is higher-end then as per your requirement the Fusion virtual machines can make use of about eight cores processors for increasing the performance along with the increased size of virtual disks up to 2 Terra bytes as well.

The 3D graphics that were really a problem that was noted in the Fusion 3.0 review has really been improved in this version. Open GL support that was provided up to the 2.1 version has now been accelerated for the hardware throughout the board especially for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The features of Aero-interface responsiveness of the Windows have received an overall boost due to these improvements in 3D graphics area. These improvements have also made this version a more feasible platform to be used for playing games. Some of the games like Civilization 4 and Portal can now be run almost about three times the speed they were run before.

It is not the end! Many other improvements have also been made in this version as well. While running the applications of Windows, for providing a flawless experience to you, the improvements have also been made to the unity support. Due to these enhancements the feature of Dock Expose in the Snow Leopard can also be used. You are also allowed by the USB easy-connect feature for choosing to allocate some USB device to the Mac or to the virtual machine when it gets connected. You can also remember the choice you made for next time when you will connect the same device. This version also features the support of Guest Operating System for the latest Linux distros that includes SUSE Linux 11 SP, RHEL 5.4, UBUNTU 10.04 and the UBUNTU You can also find the list of all the improvements that have been made in this version at the official website of VMware. Furthermore it was told by Lee that company really feels much excited about this improved version. And, with all these improvements made in the area of performance, if you will use this product you will also feel the same.