Innovative technology has been the greatest make up of today’s era. It has grown much well that offers our lifestyle with much ease and convenience. A good example of this innovative technology is the internet source of network as for communication.

Although a few had kept the traditional ways and are still are in doubt about this widely spread technology, there were countries who have adopt fully the practical ways of using this innovative technology to be able to provide the people a better way to approach everyday life.

This is what the SK telecom did.

SK Telecom

Founded March 1984, with CEO Man Won Jung and govern by the SK (Sun Kyung) group; this South Korean mobile carrier is the largest organization that centers to all telecommunication service for the people in their own country.

It has ventured a lot of marketing things with regards to improving their traditional communication and seemly does things for the comfort of their users. With much technology around us, the company has gone far to establish another way of improving their service approach.

With regards to innovative designed communications nowadays, the company has decided to adopt the new way of communication which is also by far what other telecommunication company from other countries did. This is about widening communication call through internet source or service.

This has brought the approval of VoIP calls on all their 3G network mobile phones.

What is VoIP?

Voice over IP is a flow or process of voice commands or communications through the use of internet source or IP networks. This is entirely different from a traditional use of public satellite telecommunication network. The use of its software and applications over the internet is the way of using this service.

This would greatly mean a huge revolution of communication and network service. It would bring beyond limit on the communication process, thus breaking the traditional ways of phone calls. It would also enhance technological experience and might lead to more innovations of comfort and convenience.

As this VoIP on command, communicating people from different countries will be free or no charge because of just plainly using downloadable software and applications to aid the phone calls.

Now, long distance call would do us zero balance and will never cost us much.

Recent Updates

It has been reported that the SK Telecom has already decided with its new venture approach but still on the hang for it has not specified when it will be launched as an official service.

Some reports have also included the use of one of VoIP famous software, Skype. Although there was no applications mention, analysts said that the Skype may be of target.

Skype is the most widely used applications when it comes to communication over internet service, because of this the possible use of the application are of greater.

This would bring a whole lot changes on communication process on the people of South Korea.