The Challenge for Fring
You as the end-user of Voice over Internet Protocol services will be experiencing the adverse results of the war between Fring and Skype regarding alleged service blocks and video calling. Fring-to-Skype calls on the Fring application introduced difficulties relating to the use of Skyp support. In addition, the customer interested in using other features for Fring has also been experiencing difficulties.

The Problem
Recently, Fring switched off the connection to Skype following a massive demand for its newly introduced two-way video calling support. The switching off was so as to handle the massive number of callers turning up for the service designed specifically for the iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi or 3G. This turning off inconvenienced Skype as may be perceived because Skype was temporarily turned off.

The generated heat between the two companies has caused a drawback in the video call support field, and you as the customer will have to wait for more time to enjoy video calling across several devices. This represents a big let down in the communication industry.

Unfortunately for Fring, they still wanted the the Skype services after they expanded the two-way video calling, but they Skype refused to let them go. Fring has regarded Skype as fearing open mobile communication, but the latter have denied blocking the Fring’s service. Fring has suffered loss of reputation and damaged brand as argued, as a result of Fring’s failure to honor the terms and agreements established in API.

The people suffering are you – the customers who cannot currently make Skype calls. This applies to those using iPhone 4 and Android. Therefore, it is the customer who is suffering in this deal. The fact that Skype customers are suffering leads to the questioning of who should be blamed in this respect. There has however been reluctance for Skype to step up its services as promised earlier on. Android devices’ customers have not received anything relating to the earlier announcements by Skype that they would get support.

The users of Android devices who are not on the Verizon network have not also benefited from the arrangements between the two providers because the agreement made it possible to use a Skype application for those Android devices linked onto the Verizon network. You as the customer who has not been linked in this sense will continue experiencing high cost for optional linkages that are not free from limitations.

You as customers using 3G calling support on your iPhones will incur more costs to make calls. I think that Skype has to do an extra job to provide that its customers will experience exclusive services. It will save the users looking for more options if Skype can offer support for more devices or have a video call support on official time line basis.

How Customers be Helped
The tussle between Fring and Skype is not good at all because it is leading to suffering of some of Skype customers who cannot make video calls over many types of devices. Although the companies are blaming each other on who caused the problem, I do think that it is time Skype invented techniques to help its customers who are the losers in this tussle.