YouTube has come out with ‘YouTube Slam’, a platform for you to vote for your favorite viral video

Do you love watching random videos on YouTube and follow all the latest viral videos? Are you done watching most of them and now getting bored with no idea of what you would do to pass your day? Well, here is something new for you. Apart from searching and watching the famous viral videos on YouTube, you can now vote for your favorites too with the newly introduced feature of the leading video sharing site — YouTube Slam.

How it works:

A dedicated team from YouTube will select videos based on some criteria on a weekly basis. These videos will be listed under four categories (or Slams) as of now — Comedy, Cute, Music, Bizarre and Dance Slams. You can pick up a Slam and vote for the best videos there. Voting is the theme behind this feature.

Every week, the top videos of each Slam will be featured on the leaderboard. If the video for which you voted wins, you stand a chance to earn points. With the successful completion of YouTube Trends’ first year, and the launch of YouTube’s education channels recently, YouTube Slam is sure going to take the popularity of the video site to new heights.

Now, don’t wait and start voting. Visit YouTube Slam and start playing (read voting).