VMware is considered among those companies who love to struggle and keep on looking for the rooms of improvement. The aim to be the best, and as their motto says, they do not rest. The introduction of VMware vSphere is an example of their hard work in the field of virtualization. Although there remain some areas, in which the company has to work on, VMware sets out to be the best solution of virtualization in the current market.

What is new in vSphere 4.1?

Some significant functions have been included in the VMware vSphere 4.1 that makes it different from the 4.0 version. However, the core functions have tended to be the same. Practically, the latest version is like a different structure with the same base. The supporting capacity has been enhanced in the latest version. In vSphere 4.1, the supporting capacity is 3000 for virtual machines per cluster and 1000 for the vCenter server. The number of virtual machines per data center has also doubled and has reached 5000. These big numbers depict the level of development made by VMware. The new features also simplify the use of the virtualization solution.

The Storage Control

The striking feature of 4.1 is its I/O control framework. Two types of controls have been introduced. The one that is for the storage is called the Storage I/O Control. This system makes sure that the storage pathway is not congested. Furthermore, it continually monitors the data traffic between the virtual machines. These monitoring systems are essential for avoiding severe complications in the future.

The Network Control

The second framework for control is the Network I/O Control. It is designed for the allocation of bandwidth to the different virtual machines running. When the link is operating at full capacity, this can prove to be a very useful feature.

VMware pushes the limits…again

It is evident from the latest version of VMware 4.1 that VMware is striving to push the envelope and extend the limits that have been reached in the past. It has made some great developments in the field of server utilization. The constant research and development carried out by the company makes the company’s base stronger. Like mentioned earlier, there are some limitations that the company has experienced. Nevertheless, its achievements deserve appreciation.

One of the major concerns of the company is its sky rocketing licensing fee. The reporting cost is yet another point of concern for the company. Some relief is provided to the companies operating on a small scale. The large companies are an exceptional case. Because of this, the company has decreased the price of basic edition, which is called Essential Edition. A feature called vMotion is planned to be incorporated into this edition.